RMS Smart Travellers
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1. 旅游积分 (Travel Point) 即注册日期起,有效期限为一年;期限后,系统将自动废除积分余额,更新积分,且无做任何通知。
Travel Point is only valid for one year start from the date of registration as RMS Smart Traveller; Once expired (after one year), system will automatically terminate the balance of Travel Point and renew without any notice.

2. 旅游积分 (Travel Point) 不能转让到其他账户或共享。
Travel Point is not allowed to transfer and share to other traveller account.

3. RMS旅游成员需在旅游前的45天向相关旅行社确定旅游日期及配套。
RMS Smart Traveller must be booked and confirmed the travel date and package before 45 days of the desired travel date with travel agency.

4. 旅游券将在旅游者兑换旅游配套后的7至10天工作天寄予RMS旅游成员。
Travel coupon will be couriered to RMS Smart Traveller within 7-10 working days after redeem the travel package.

5. 依据旅游目的地的国定年历,旅游券仅适于淡季及平季兑换使用,公共假期及学校假期等其他假日属旺季,不适于兑换使用。
- 农历新年前后15天 (如10人以上,可以另做安排)
- 4月25日至 5月7日
- 9月24日 至 10月7日
- 12月18日 至 12月28日
In accordance with the calendar of destination, travel coupon is only valid for low to mid-season only, during peak season include public holidays, school holidays or other holidays is not allowed to redeem.
Following date is not able to redeem and travel:
- Before & After 15 days of Chinese New Year (If more than 10 persons, can make for specially arrangement)
- From 25 April to 7 May 2019
- From 24 September to 7 October 2019
- From 18 December to 28 December 2019
* Please reconfirm the favorable travel date with travel agency before sign-up the travel package.

6. RMS 管理层将保有权利对以上的条规进行修改,且不做任何通知。
RMS Management Team reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

7. 所有已消费付款的旅游券将一概不可要求退还。
All travel voucher purchased and paid to RMS Smart Management is non-refundable.